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Christmas Gift Guide For Your Customers

Christmas is about giving, about saying “thank you” to the people you are grateful for. So what better time is there to say “thank you” to your customers who have supported you and your business throughout the year? If you’re wondering what to give to your customers as a little Christmas gift and a reminder of your services for next year… we’ve got you covered. 

But what gifts can you give to your customers without breaking the bank? We’ve found the perfect Christmas gifts for your customers, that they will be thrilled to receive making you and your company name super memorable for when they next need your services. Take a look at our tips to help you find the perfect present for your customers, sorted by budget per customer.

Find The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Your Customers:

Under £5 p.c.

Bake your own Christmas cookies

Little effort that is well worth it! Christmas biscuits belong to Christmas like the Christmas tree, so this very well-priced way to say ‘thank you’ to your customers will make everyone happy. To save you time, we’ve found a very easy Christmas biscuit recipe for you: https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/christmasbiscuits_93733

A Christmas plant

Christmas plants are a beautiful way to decorate the home for Christmas and will remind your customers throughout the whole Christmas season of you and your nice present (and services). If you get one like these (see photo) as a bulk order in your local gardening shop, you can get them for less than a fiver.

£5-10 per customer.

Scented Candle

… against the holiday stress and for a lovely scent at home. Prices vary, but you can get cheap candles of very good quality to make your customers happy.

We recommend Heaven Scent Melts, they have every flavour imaginable and even some Christmas scents!

Your Own Product

Daisy (founder of Digitool) and her family run a carpet cleaning business, they sell spot removers which have been personalised by Alltec – they also create festive themed products. By giving your customers a product like that, you do them a favour by giving them a solution for little problems that occur at home during the Christmas season and at the same time make it more likely for them to call you when they have some serious issues they can’t solve on their own.

£10 per customer.

Little stockings with Christmas biscuits, chocolate and tea for cosy holidays

This classic Christmas gift is a particularly nice and kind way to say ‘thank you’, and people will gratefully keep you in mind and get back to you when they have a problem you can fix. (Again for the cleaning businesses: Whatever your customers eat and drink, they can spill, and you can be the first to be called in case of an emergency).

If you’re planning on giving to a lot of your customers, you can bulk buy Christmas goodies from here, this works out at 75p per stocking: www.xmaswholesaler.co.uk

£15-20 per customer.

Customised chocolate box

This option lets you choose a personal message – like your company’s name – on pieces of chocolate in a nice box. It’s personal, it’s delicious, and customers will be reminded of you.

We love: http://www.cocoapod.co.uk/build-a-box-medium/

£25-30 per customer.

A bottle of wine (with a personalised wine label)

This fits every kind of business, but holds a special advantage for cleaning companies: If you send customers a bottle of wine, you are likely to be the lucky one to be asked to clean up the stains that wine provoked in the upholstery and the carpet after an exciting Christmas dinner. But apart from that, a festive wine can be a perfect idea for all the other trade businesses, especially when you add your personalised label that makes everyone remember your company’s name!

Offers of your service

Discount voucher for service after Christmas

You don’t have to give any service for free, but especially during the holidays, a lot of things can happen to your customers’ valuable property. If you give them a discount for your services for January, they will probably come back to you to help them fix their problem. This works great too, as January tends to be the ‘quiet’ period, this discount will encourage customers to pick up the phone after the Christmas rush.

Christmas competition (online)

Give all of your December customers a raffle ticket as their present, then close to Christmas hop onto Facebook Live. Here you can broadcast the winners of your raffle. This is a great way to keep customer engagement online and also means you don’t have to buy presents for everyone – just the lucky few who win!


Don’t forget the Christmas cards! All of those presents should come with kind words for the holidays, if possible, they should be personalised with the name of the customer.

Your Customers Will Love Your Business Gifts!

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