We Help Hard Working Business Owners like You Win More Work with the Best Marketing Strategies for Cleaning Services.

You didn’t set up a business

Let us help you win more work.

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About Digitool

Digitool Was Founded To Help Business Owners Like You Win More Work, Earn More Money And Save You Time.


Watch The Video To Hear Our Story.

Meet the team

Hi, I’m Daisy.

Whilst working for my family’s carpet cleaning business I noticed how hard my Dad worked. He would often wake up a 5am and work a full day then, slump into the couch, turn on the computer and start marketing the business – how else would he fill the diary for next week? I founded Digitool to help tired business owners everywhere! I wanted simple to do, effective marketing tips to be easily accessible to you… so you don’t have to scroll through the internet at 11pm. Instead, you can start implementing marketing tips that save you time and make you more profitable.

When I’m not creating Buy Cheap Tramadol Online Cod, you can find me dancing (badly) at a gig or running on Brighton’s beautiful beaches. I’m a big fan of the BorrowMyDoggy app, and spend my weekends ‘borrowing’ cute puppies and walking them to new coffee shops.

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