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Our Emails Can See A 65%+ Open Rate From Your Customers, with 12% interacting further. Book a call today to see how you can talk to your customers.

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Why trades businesses like working with us

We want to help you make full use of your time at work. We want to help you take on more clients, see more five star reviews or even get the opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones! In fact, one of our previous clients cut down eight hours of admin time in the first week alone! You can read more about it here.

Communication is key, therefore being able to communicate clearly with customers is crucial for your business. With our email automations, you can set up regular communication with your customers without you having to send an email. With our tried and tested methods, our emails encourage customers to engage with you further by: replying to emails; engaging with any content shared with them; engaging with promotions or upsells; or even visiting your website or social media.

Since Digitool started, we have worked with hundreds of trades businesses just like yours, and we have developed our knowledge of your industry, so we understand how we can best benefit your business. We use our knowledge and experience to write your automated emails for you, and ensure that they perfectly represent your business and your message!

With our automations, we work with you to learn and understand what your current daily to-do list is. With this we create personalised processes to automate those tedious jobs, so you can focus on making more customers happy!

We have worked with hundreds of trades businesses before and have 5 star reviews from over 112 business owners just like you. Our methods are tried and tested meaning you don’t have to wait months to see results. We know the email automations that work, and by understanding your business we can make them work for you.

Whilst there may be hundreds of companies within your industry, your company is unique and has its own individual brand. This is the same for your automation and communications, which we tailor to your processes and your company’s message. We want to make sure the aspects of what make your business special stand out fully!

We know how draining it can be to stay on top of emails and ensure that information is being correctly used around your business

That’s why we have developed processes that help businesses just like yours stay on top of that communication and data, so you can spend your time on making your customers happy.

Our Emails Can See A 65%+ Open Rate From Your Customers, with 12% interacting further.

Let us get you more enquiries, so you make more happy customers.

Save Time

Make full use of your time. Take on more jobs. See more 5* reviews. Or even use your time to go for that walk on the beach!

Less Admin

See a shorter to-do list and focus on making customers happy. Let us handle the automation process for you!

Simplify Your Business

By automating your business, it can run more smoothly with less opportunities for mistakes, so you can focus on providing a 5* quality service!

The whole process from initial idea to completion has been so smooth, and included very little input from ourselves outside of our agreed catch up’s.  All targets were agreed (and achieved) with constant updates on progress through.  We were moving from a largely paper based operation to completely automated, utilising over 5 different systems and our business has had zero interruption. It’s been so good that we are keeping Digitool on a constant retainer as we don’t know how (or why) we would work without them moving forward.

– Grant, Local Rug Cleaner

Email Automation Prices

Truthfully, every email automation project is different. Book in a call with us today and tell us what you need. We will get a bespoke quote over to you within 24 hours.

How does it work?


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Share how your business currently runs, and the journey your customers go through. Look at the opportunities to simplify your operations and improve in your processes. No slimy sales pitch or false promises here.

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Check you are happy with your new personalised automation system and see if there is anything further we can do for you!


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Catherine has been amazing.  She has made the process so easy and explains everything in an easy to understand language and answers any questions I have in a timely manner.  She is always happy to help and has made the setting up and running process stress free and easy to understand. The automation has cut down on my workload massively and taken a big chunk of admin away and puts my mind at ease that it is all going on in the background without me having to do anything.

– Sarah, Alfresco Exterior Cleaning


Most of the time, absolutely! If you let us know what software you’re using we can research into the best way to automate it, from there we will be able to see if the software you’re using is open to automation. We have automated a large number of programmes and softwares like: Jobber, Asana, ActiveCampaign, TextMagic, Xero, NiceJob, Facebook, Google Sheets and more.
Get in touch with us today to see how we can automate your softwares.

Each and every automation project is different as it depends on your wants and needs both at the start and throughout the project, therefore it can sometimes take a few weeks or even a few months to fully complete. We therefore want to be as flexible with you as possible in order to make sure you’re fully comfortable with your automations, and that we are continually making progress for you.

When you think of automated emails, you may think of those which feel sales-y and unauthentic. This is not a productive use of automated emails as this strategy may see little to no return-on-investment, therefore we make sure all of our automated emails feel authentic and that the customer believes you took time to send an email to them.
With our strategy, we have seen open rates as high as 81% after the first month, which has led to further engagement and communication between businesses and their customers!

Absolutely, we have managed other aspects of automations other than email communications, such as: text automations, billing software automations, Facebook retargeting, and label printing automations.
Book a call with us to find out what automations we can create for you.

MailChimp worked out that the average email open rate for all industries was only 21.33%. On average, our main customer automation journeys have seen an open rate of 71.25%, which is over three times higher than the average open rate! This shows how effective our email automation systems can be.

We put a few measures in place to ensure you that your automation is working, such as notifications, accessible reports, and engagement rates. There are however other ways you will notice it’s working, such as the reduction in your time completing admin, and customer’s responding to the emails and engaging with the content you send them.

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