10 Offline Marketing Strategies for Cleaning Services That Still Work Today

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Although the focus for home service businesses is on digital marketing techniques, sometimes it’s equally as effective to use offline marketing strategies in your business. In this article, we share some traditional marketing strategies and tips to improve your marketing and win more work.

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between offline and online marketing strategies. In fact, using both is more powerful. When done together as part of a complete marketing strategy; offline and online marketing techniques can even support and amplify the other’s efforts.

10 Offline marketing strategies that still work today:

 1. HEAD TO A TRADE SHOW. Consider attending trade shows where you can network with other industry leaders and prospective buyers. Trade shows can provide a great opportunity to put the most effective offline marketing strategies in practice.


2.MAKE COLD CALLS. Put together a list of potential customers and call them up. Cold calls have that personal touch that often resonates with interested clients. Phone calls are more personal than emails and encourage an instant response.


3. DIRECT MAIL. Even though direct mailers are more costly than online marketing, they can still be an effective lead generating tool. Some members of your target audience may appreciate receiving direct mail because it seems more personalized, some of your target audience would prefer direct mail to any other method.



4. DROP BUSINESS CARDS. This is perhaps the easiest and cheapest option. If you run a small business, you must have business cards and hand them out! Don’t just share them when you first meet someone new. Drop them everywhere. Sure, this is one of my more simple offline marketing ideas, but it works.


5. THANK YOUR CLIENTS. Find a nice way to thank the clients that have worked with you and make sure to always go out your way to let them know you appreciate any referrals they have sent your way.


6.TEXT MESSAGE MARKETING. You might consider it a modern, high-tech method and it’s not often associated with offline marketing. However, reaching people via text is actually an efficient alternative to email and social media. One of the biggest advantages of text messages is that people read them far more often than emails. Make sure you’re complying with the new GDPR rules before you hit send – here’s an article that explains the laws in more detail.


7. PRINT OUT FLYERS WITH A DIFFERENCE. You can advertise your brand or business at the same time as creating something people would genuinely like to receive. The easiest way with flyers is to use flyer templates, especially if you don’t have advanced design knowledge. We love Canva for mocking up your own flyers without the need of a graphic designer.


8. SEND OUT A REGULAR NEWSLETTER. Send your customers a regular newsletter through the post, to remind them that you exist and encourage repeat business and referrals. Put together newsletters that are compellingly written and full of useful, interesting content to ensure they don’t become bin-fodder.

9. OFFER COUPONS. Everybody likes coupons, right? Why not incorporate something that everyone likes into your marketing campaign? This one can really draw in new customers. Make sure the coupon is for a service or product that will hook people into wanting more!


10.SPONSOR LOCAL EVENTS. Get your name out there by sponsoring a local marathon, fundraiser, or some other event. You could even sponsor a local kids’ sports team, getting your name on the back of their jerseys and on the field. This serves a two-fold purpose: it gets your company’s name out there, and it shows you’re involved in bettering the community. This is working really great for one of our customers, DDEX. 




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I wish you the best of luck with offline and online marketing strategies!


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    I think another good way is to utilize google ads, which boosts your sales conversion…

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