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Vehicle Sign Writing Tips for Cleaning Businesses

Vehicle sign tips - pictures of vans


As a home service business, you most likely don’t have a physical location. This means that your shopfront is your van. An enormous amount of people will see your van as you travel from job to job. Make the most of this and promote your business effortlessly by getting your van sign written.
Getting your van sign written or wrapped costs a couple of hundred pounds/dollars and it is a really effective way of promoting your business; in my family business, we often get new customers who simply saw our van in the area.
In this lesson, we cover the Do’s and Don’ts of van wrapping so you can get it right first time. 

Vehicle Sign Writing Tips for Cleaning Businesses

1. Big call to action

A call to action is instructing the customer exactly what it is you want them to do e.g. ‘Call Us Now!’. Ensure the lettering is big and obvious on your van, us what your phone number is and the name of your company.

2. Striking Pictures

Use pictures to show people what your business is about without them having to read. You could use your own, high-quality pictures (like the ones you took in the ‘Getting Started’ module) or buy a stock photo. If you choose to buy stock photos to use on your van, choose the option with the biggest pixels possible to keep the quality of the image intact when it’s blown up on your vehicle.

3. Describe exactly what you offer

It sounds super simple, but you have to put exactly what your business is and what services you offer on your sign written van. If you’re paying money to advertise, make sure people know what it is that you’re advertising. It might not be as obvious to others as it is to you!

4. Keep your van clean

Your van is a moving billboard for your company, make sure it looks super professional.

5. Use easy-to-read fonts and colours

Use bright, eye-catching colours on your sign written van. Avoid using colour combinations that are difficult to read, or that might not stand out in poor weather conditions. 

6. Check what the van will look like when the doors are open

Do you know what the message on your truck will look like when the doors are open? There have been some embarrassing examples of messages completely changing when a door is slid open. Make sure you give this an extra thought!

7. Make sure the important information is visible

Make sure that if someone is behind you in traffic, they can see the important information and it is not cut off by the car in front. Usually, it’s best to put the important text higher up on the van. 

8. Attach a waterproof box business card box

Attach a business card box to your van, that way, if someone is passing your van and wants to keep your contact details or does not have time to drop them down, they can take one of your business cards and remember your details. We buy them from this site.
Good luck getting your van sign written. Remember to share photos of your newly wrapped van on your socials and website – help your customers recognise you when you are out and about!

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