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In the first week, the Alfresco Group saw 67% of their customer’s opening their emails.

The Aim

The Alfresco Group is a family-run exterior cleaning company based in Oxford. Since starting the business, Mark Toovey had big ambitions for where he wanted to take the business. He wanted to expand and focus on getting more clients through the door with effective and reliable communication. After being referred by another roof and render cleaning business, Mark came to Digitool to ask what we could do to meet his goals! We suggested creating an email automation system that makes communication work for them. We wanted to design a process that focused closely on the journey the customer takes with Alfresco, from enquiry to job completion, as well as synchronising information between all of their applications.  

The Solution

After setting up a meeting with Mark and Sarah to understand the unique journey their customers go through, we started building a process which accurately followed that journey. This meant that customers were regularly communicated with at every step of the way. We even created a process that would aid their sales team in following up with quotes that were not accepted, in order to convert them. In fact with our emails, we managed to get an additional 7% of customers who didn’t accept the quote Alfresco provided to change their minds, which is a great achievement for Alfresco!

We continued to work with Sarah to perfect the process in place in order to save her time. We proceeded to integrate Alfresco’s Jobber, NiceJob and Xero accounts to the automation so all information is safely communicated between each software and now Sarah can focus on ensure customers receive a 5* service instead of manually copying information between each of them.  In fact, she has commented saying: 

“The automation has cut down on my workload massively and taken a big chunk of admin away and puts my mind at ease that it is all going on in the background without me having to do anything. “

The Results

After the first week of implementing the automation, Alfresco saw a 67% open rate with their email automation process, and now a month later we are seeing a significant increase to 81% of customers opening Alfresco’s emails! This has saved them many hours per week of administration, which has allowed them to focus on what they do best! But what are the other benefits that Alfresco have seen, Sarah has commented that: 

We have definitely had more customers contacting us after the 1st reminder email has gone out when they had simply forgotten about the quote and then called to book in the work.  It has saved me picking up the phone after every quote has been sent out too.

We have seen an increase in customers calling up to book after the automated emails have been sent out – so it definitely works!

With the determination and passion the Alfresco Group has, we are sure they will meet their goals of expansion and Digitool are looking forward to supporting them in their journey! 


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