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How To Film And Create A Perfect Video Testimonial

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A video testimonial of one of your customers saying how brilliant your business is can convince undecided customers to buy from you, by proving that you’re a trustworthy business who delivers great results. 
In this lesson, we are going to show you step-by-step how simple is to create a convincing video testimonial that converts.
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How to Film and Create a Perfect Video Testimonial

1. Find the ideal customer who can engage with  all of your other customers.

First, you need to find someone that is happy with your services. Try to choose someone that matches what your ideal customer looks like. For example, if your ideal customer is a ‘young mother’, try to get a video testimonial from a young mother. Similarly, if you want to attract  corporate clients that owns their own businesses, try to get a video testimonial from someone who owns their own business.
Now, you have got your ideal customer for your video testimonial, pick up the phone and call them.

2. Check your customer is happy with the job.

Ask them politely if it is possible to film them saying what they thought of your business. At this point, people tend to get a little scared, this is a good point of reassuring them about what will happen when you film them, explain that it will just be you, them and your iPhone. Also, explain what questions you are going to ask them, this way, they can feel ready and prepared for being filmed.

3. Ask them open question.

When you are in front of your customer and ready to film, you want to make sure that you are asking them ‘open questions’. A ‘closed question’ is when someone can simply answer with a one-word answer for example, ‘Are you happy with our services?’ Here, a customer could quite easily say ‘Yes’ and that will be the only the content you will have for your video testimonial.
Instead, ask them ‘open questions’, this gives your customers an opportunity to start saying a lot more about their wonderful experience with your company.
Here are some examples of ‘open questions’:

  • What did you think about our services?’
  • ‘What would you say to your friends and your family about us?’
  • ‘What would you say to someone thinking of using our services?’
  • ‘What made you choose us?’
  • ‘What made us different from other companies?’

4. Prepare your (not so) fancy set up.

Place yourself off camera. Place your iPhone on a tripod in front of your customer (we love this inexpensive tripod called GorillaPod, which you can get here). Position your customer in front of natural light. That’s how inexpensive and easy it is to set up.
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5. Now you’ve got the film, edit it into a shorter clip.

The ideal video testimonial should aim to be under a minute, this means more people are likely to watch it from start to finish across all the platforms you share it on. If you are editing your video, you could use an app like Quik (we show you how to use it in this video) or a video maker like Lumen5. This allows you to chop your video and use the best and most engaging clips

6. Upload your Testimonial Video to Youtube.

When you’re uploading your Testimonial Video to Youtube, make sure that in the title of the video you have the keywords you want to be found on Google for. This helps even more people find your video testimonial as it’s much more likely to rank on Google for these search terms. For example, if the video testimonial is for a carpet cleaning business based in Manchester, you want that people find your business when they search a Carpet Cleaning Manchester, so include this in the title.

7. Promote that glowing video testimonial.

Share it on Social Media, add it to your website, add it to your email footer and anywhere else you can think the future customers will see it.
Now, you have seen how easy is to create a video testimonial. It’s time to make your own. Comment below the link to your video testimonial, we’d love to see yours!

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