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How To Get More Commercial Customers For Your Cleaning Business

In this blogpost, we share with you 2 marketing techniques that will ensure growth in your company and 1 marketing tips that will persuade your customers to come back time and time again. These marketing techniques are introduced by Dan Liebrecht from Clean Guru. Dan shares the techniques that he implemented in order to turn a failing cleaning business into one that was turning over 2 million dollars every year. He gives the tips on how you can get more commercial customers for your cleanings business.

How to attract new customers

1.Measurable Guarantee of Performance

As Dan Liebrecht tells us, the first marketing tip to grow your cleaning business is to pick strategies that are rooted in powerful forces affecting human behavior. Choose strategies that will positively influence people’s behavior towards your company.
Here’s an example of marketing technique that is rooted in forces affecting human behavior: if you have a carpet cleaning company, you can guarantee to remove 100% of stains with the cleaning service, if you don’t deliver that promise, you will offer a free re-clean or give them a full refund. This is “rooted in forces affecting human behavior” because people will feel total assured when choosing your cleaning company as you’re offering a promise, this gives them a sense of security which is a natural human emotion that people want to feel. If you can make customers feel secure with a promise they are much more likely to choose you over your competition.  This is known as the Measurable Guarantee Performance.
A Measurable Guarantee Performance is a promise that you will keep and can be measured, and a guarantee that if the promise isn’t met you will be compensated in some way.
Here’s an example: 
Promise = We will clean your carpets
Measurable = and remove 10% of stains
Guarantee = or, you can request a re-clean or your money back.
Try and think of a measurable guarantee of performance that you can offer to your cleaning customers.

How to create you measurable guarantee of performance

As a business owner, you have to know what your customers pain points are.  Dan found that for his customers, it was that the hours of cleaning did not correlate to the effort put in to the cleaning. So he decided to guarantee the amount of hours he would clean per week and promised the effort in hour 1 and hour 5 would be the same. Choose a guarantee that is going to solve your customers pain points, this will get your prospective customer’s attention. Pick something you can really guarantee that would mean something for your customer. Also make sure you find something measurable, meaning that you can put a number on that guarantee.

2. Social proof

Another example of marketing techniques that are rooted in human behavior is social proof. A social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior in a given situation.  
People by nature are interested in what other people are interested in. Today a video testimonial, that is approachable creates a testimonial review, but also creates a social proof that can work with your marketing to attract new people and help your business to grow. Thanks to this social proof, you will gain more cleaning customers and have that powerful edge that other competitors don’t have.


How to keep customers

As a business owner, if you have customers, the first question you want to ask yourself is:”How can I keep them?” Don’t forget that a customer you keep is really a sale why?. The last time of a customer is crucial, it’s a great way to grow your business.
 How are you going to keep them? One way of doing this is by making sure they appreciate the work you do. However people don’t always appreciate what you do, they appreciate what they notice. For example in an hotel room, you would see a little note :”this room was cleaned by Susan.” This kind of noticeable approach is a delightful way to bring your customers on something. Your customers may have never appreciated your cleaning before. For example, in an office you might hang a little door hanger in the conference room saying :“I deodorize the carpet last night. From your friend at blue carpet cleaning”.

Wanting more marketing tips to grow your cleaning business, here’s a blogpost that will teach you. Click here to start reading how to grow your cleaning business. 

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