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How To Make a Before and After Image With Your Logo


This lesson is a video lesson. Have a read through the lesson below to prepare first. 
We show you how to add your company logo and telephone number to your before and after cleaning images. 
This is going to make the content on your social media look so much more professional and make sure that everyone who sees your brilliant work knows exactly which business they need to call.

Why Is It so Important to Add Your Logo to Your Before and After Cleaning Image?

The reason it is so important to add your logo is because not everyone that sees this image will know your company. To give you an example, if you post the before and after image on Facebook, your picture could end up on anyone’s newsfeed. Not just customers who ‘like’ your page. If a person is impressed with your image but then forgets company name, they might never book in with you for a job.
By putting your logo on the image, your putting your stamp on it. This means people will associate that great before and after picture with you (quite rightly!). You are also building brand awareness so, when someone thinks of cleaning, your company will spring to mind.

How to Create Before and After Pictures with Your Logo:

To create this before and after image you will need:

  1. A Phone
  2. Your Before and After Image (saved to your phone)
  3. Your logo (preferably a .png file)
  4. Download the App: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ezy-watermark-lite-photo-watermarking/id494473910?mt=8
  5. Download the App: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/collageable-photo-collage/id1085652055?mt=8

Once you have all of the above, watch the video above and we will guide you through making an awesome before and after cleaning image.
This is how Smile Carpet Cleaning’s cleaning image used to look:

This is how their cleaning image looks now they have added their logo and phone number:

So much better!
We would love to see your new before and after image cleaning with your logo and phone number on it. Tweet them to us at @GoDigitool

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