Google AdWords gets your phone number in front of customers near you looking for your services.

Don’t let your competitors steal new customers, start using AdWords and get the phone ringing.

Want to know whether AdWords could work for you?
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Want to see if AdWords could make you more profitable? Book in a call with us today

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▶︎ Your company is at the top of Google when customers are looking for your services.

▶︎ You choose the locations you work in.

▶︎ Don’t want to work in the city centre, or too far from home? Not a problem.

▶︎ The only time you pay is when someone clicks on your ad.

▶︎ No more ‘hope marketing’. With magazines, the Yellow pages and leaflet advertising you pay upfront then ‘hope’ customers see your phone number and call. With AdWords, you only pay for people who are looking for you.

▶︎ Choose the times and days you want to appear.

▶︎ Don’t want the phone to ring on a Sunday? Or after 7 pm? Not a problem.

▶︎ Turn off your ads and stop paying when the diary is full or you’re on holiday.

▶︎ Boost your ad spend when you want to increase the phone calls coming to your business.

Call us today to get your phone ringing.



▶︎ Stop your AdWords account leaking money

AdWords is a confusing platform when you try to set up AdWords yourself you will waste your hard earned cash. We set up your account in the right way to make sure this doesn’t happen.

▶︎ Saves you time

We frequently hop into your account to make changes and optimise your ads. Do you have the time to do this every week?

▶︎ Area exclusivity

We won’t work with any of your local competitors.

▶︎ Expert knowledge

We’re Google Partners and trained by the ‘Top UK AdWords Expert’.

▶︎ We know your industry

We are already working with businesses just like yours and getting great results. We can use tactics we know work for you right now.  

▶︎ No time and money wasted in trial and error

We know what works for your industry and can start getting you great results right away.

▶︎ Up to date on Google’s ever-changing algorithms

As a Google Partner, we get to know new updates before they’re rolled out to the public, we use this info to make your ads outperform your competitors.

▶︎ We get great results

We’re already getting fantastic results for businesses just like yours. Our clients are delighted with the profit they’re getting from working with us – just read their reviews!

▶︎ Clear reporting

We create a clear, live dashboard just for you. You can see what we’re working on and how your ads are performing in real time. No more confusing spreadsheets and outdated reports.

▶︎ Friendly Support

Our UK based team are always happy to answer your questions, you can call us with any AdWords questions.

▶︎ Transparent Pricing

You pay an affordable set monthly fee. 

▶︎ No Contracts

You can try AdWords for a month if you’re not getting a great ROI… no problem. You’re not tied into any long term contracts.

AdWords isn’t for everyone. Call the Digitool team and we will give you honest advice about whether we think AdWords could make you more profitable.

Want a 15 minute call to see if AdWords could work for you? Request a call back below.

Want to see if AdWords could make you more profitable? Book in a call with us today

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Call us today to get your phone ringing.

What have other business owners thought about our AdWords service?

  • Digitool started managing my AdWords 12 days ago. I’ve already booked in £2,200 (approx. $2870) worth of work. I’ve used other AdWords companies in the past with no success, it goes to show that you really get what you pay for.”

    Stuart Clark
    Stuart Clark Digitool Manages his AdWords
  • The results have exceeded our expectations. Apart from the obvious time-saving benefits of outsourcing Adwords, since jumping on board with Digitool we are now also spending far less money for a much greater return. I'd recommend Digitool without hesitation. Jump on board before it's too late. 

    Melissa Edwards
    Melissa Edwards Digitool Manages her AdWords
  • Since Digitool took over our AdWords campaigns, we get a fantastic return. I know that every £1 I put into AdWords, I get £8 back. I now invest £1,200 every month.

    Peter Foster
    Peter Foster Digitool Manages his AdWords

Want to see if AdWords could make you more profitable? Book in a call with us

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