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Online Marketing Videos For Your Cleaning Business

At Digitool, we want to make videos that are going to help your cleaning business become more profitable and easier to run. These videos are for you. So, tell us what you’d like to see.

Suggest New Videos On Marketing Your Business:

Comment below what videos you’d like to see us make. 

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  • Rob

    PPC / Adwords – mine is costing me more than I’m making

  • Jordan

    facebook ads please

  • Simon

    Great video about google my business. Can you cover how to make and edit videos in one of your next videos? I know I should be using them for my business but I don’t know where to start.

  • Kevin

    Staying in touch with previous customers, via reminder post cards , emails

  • Colin Green

    Hi, I am just starting out in this business and currently putting together a website. Can you add me to your mailing list and advise me on any information you think I need to have on the website . Thanks

  • Kristine

    Great videos. Very very helpful. We are well established clenaing company in Aberdeen but mainly getting contracts for domestic cleaning. I was wondering if you could advise on how to get more comercial contracts(offices in particular) what you need for that and how to approch them? Thank you!

    • Daisy

      Hey Kristine,

      Next Tuesday’s video is all about ‘How to get more commercial contracts’ so do tune into that! However, here are a few tips you can try before next Tuesday:
      – Make a list of your desired commercial contracts e.g. ’15 hotels in the city centre’ or 3 hospitals, or 10 office buildings. It’s definitely easier if you start by choosing one niche of commercial properties. This will help you close future deals as you can say something like, “we already have experience cleaning hotels as we work with the Hilton and Premier Inn so we understand your needs and pain points”.
      – Find out WHO you need to approach. You can do this by calling and asking or stalking them on Linked In.
      – Try and organise a chat face to face with this person. People are a lot easier to sell to and build relationships with when you’re 1-2-1 with them.
      – If you cannot set up a meeting, go into the commercial property with some goodies, we have a great video on how doughnuts can help you close contracts here: https://youtu.be/nyKmQkHrE80 . The goodies will make it easier to approach your prospective customer as noone can turn away a person with a big box of donuts in their hands.
      – Then, start asking them about their pain points; do they do the cleaning in-house? do they hire a company? are they happy with the job? what could make it better? what jobs do they hate doing in-house; taking the bins out, cleaning the carpets, cleaning the gym etc.? Then, offer a SOLUTION. You are not a cleaning company, you are a company who makes their life easier… Package together a cleaning solution that solves their headaches, this will help them make the decision to hand the job over to you.

      Hope this helps Kristine!


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