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‘Sell-able, scale-able’ style business

It sounds like you want to create an empire that can be sold for millions, so you can retire rich and early!

A sell-able, scale-able business requires a lot of hard graft for 5-15 years but once you’ve created a huge asset it can be sold for millions and you can look at retiring early! 

Your company name is known all over your city (and beyond). Your friends often spot your fleet of vans on the road. You have a large team on the tools that offer a 5 star service. You also have a large office set up with a team that answers new enquiries, a finance team, and even a HR department. The business is making a healthy profit year on year. You are creating procedures in every department to gear up for selling what you have built.

Judging from how you answered the quiz questions, it sounds like you want to create a business that can be sold for a healthy profit whilst still giving you a healthy income in the meantime.

Sounds like you? Keep on reading for advice on making your dream business a reality…

You can retire early. Imagine making your millions early and being able to pay off your mortgage, go on holidays and be time rich. What would you do if you could retire in 5 years time?

Whilst growing the business, you can take a healthy income. There is no denying that growing a multi-million pound company is going to take some hard graft, however as you are scaling the business you should still be able to draw a healthy salary to support you and your family.

You will learn a lot. Whilst scaling your business you are going to encounter new challenges everyday – if you are someone that sees this as an opportunity for personal growth, then it sounds like you’re going to be a great CEO. In the process of growing the business, you are going to hire people with more expertise than you, learn about how to sell businesses, and read a lot about entrepreneurship.

1. To ensure your business is sell-able by creating assets and profit each year.

2. To ensure you have a short term ‘get out’ plan.

In order to run an sell-able, scale-able business and still see growth you need: 

  • Consistent stream of new, quality customers. You need to know, regardless of the time of year, that your phone is going to ring with quality customers who are prepared to pay your prices and value your work. It is therefore important for your marketing to be flexible for your business, so if your work is seasonal or has quieter months, then you  can ‘dial up’ your marketing to ensure a healthy stream of new work. Alternatively, if your diary is full, you ‘dial down’ and spend less which will decrease overheads. Whilst not all marketing methods allow this flexibility, Google Ads is a marketing avenue which you can control based on how busy your diary is, therefore providing a consistent stream of new customers that works for you.

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  • Local presence. An easy way to create a ‘future-proof’ business is to have a fantastic reputation in your local neighbourhood. You want people to recommend your business and to choose you, for years to come, instead of your competitors. Build up 100’s of 5 star Google and Facebook reviews. Get locals to recommend you on Facebook forums. Create a reason for current customers to want to refer you to others. 
  • Delegate jobs that you don’t like doing. Write a list of the jobs that you do each month that you do not enjoy or take up a lot of time such as, chasing invoices, answering the phones, asking customers to leave a Google review, managing your own online advertising etc. Then, look at how you can delegate these jobs to either another person, or use a software to automate the task. If you want your owner-operator business to grow you cannot afford to be working 40+ hours per week on jobs you don’t enjoy (or perhaps aren’t skilled in), and have time left each week to focus on business growth.

Here’s some excellent advice from people who have grown a sell-able, scale-able business style business and got rich doing so! 

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“Turnkey” style business

A turnkey business is able to run itself. You have amazing guys you trust working on the tools to delight your customers, you also have competent office staff; managing the diary, answering the phones and chasing payments. You have little or no involvement in the day to day running of the business. The business brings you a healthy income and you can easily go on holiday, head to the golf course or even consider selling your business…

“Owner-operator” style business

An owner-operator is usually hands on in the business. You often work on the tools because you enjoy it, and you’re likely to carry out some of the other day-to-day responsibilities like quoting for new jobs, answering the phones to customers and chasing up payments. An owner-operator style business usually is one man and a van, or a small team (2-4 vans). You earn a healthy income and can easily take a Friday or week off as you do not have a large team or overheads to consider.

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