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How to Sell your Cleaning Services with Howard Partridge


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Howard Partridge owns a cleaning business that generates $4 million in sales every year – and he personally doesn’t do any of the sales. You have probably been the main salesperson as your cleaning business has grown, but to take it that step further, you need your team to help you. Howard’s 7 step strategy has been developed to enable anyone in your business to sell effectively, generate more customers and income and allow you to scale your cleaning company effectively.
These steps have been developed and used by Howard and his team for the past 35 years and they are consistently working and driving his profits. For Howard, sales is a simple process is about dealing with objections and finding the right moments to upsell, rather than putting the pressure on.

“Sales is not something you do to someone, it’s something you do for and with someone. If you take the attitude that you’re just helping someone get what they already want making it easier for them to buy, then you’ll be doing well. “

So, when you next have a prospect, follow these seven steps to sell your cleaning services.

Howard Partridge’s Seven Step System to Sell your Cleaning Services

Step 1 – Establish Rapport

Take time to make a connection rather than jumping right to the job. To do this, give them space to get comfortable with you. Try to call them by their name, be cordial and strike up a conversation. It could be you notice a picture on the wall that you could ask about, or ask how they were referred to you.

Step 2 – Connect Emotionally

Often, customers having cleaning work done are concerned about who’s in their home or worried about the condition of their carpet. Don’t overlook or be insensitive to this. Tell them you understand they have a challenge on their hands and that you are there to help them achieve their goal.

Step 3 – Build Credibility

Introduce them to your business and give them reasons to trust you. Prepare a message that includes your reputation, your experience and the system you are going to use. This is guaranteed to put them at ease whilst you perform your work, and encourage them to have faith in any recommendations you might have.

Step 4 – Identify the Problem

Look beyond their cleaning problem for what you are actually trying to resolve. Yes, their carpet may need cleaning, but what could really have driven them to you is that their partner is unhappy with the spillage, or that they are due to host guests soon. Be sensitive to the real problem and use this information to inform how you sell to them.

Step 5 – Outline the Solution

Next, you outline the solution to them. Explain your process to resolve their problem and check it meets their expectations and that they understand the process clearly.

Step 6 – Quote the Investment

Yes, the investment, not the price! A price is something you pay and the money has gone forever, whereas an investment brings a return.

Step 7 – Question Objections

If your customer has any objections, like the price being too high, ask them questions about this. Ask them to tell you more, such as what they are comparing the price too or what their budget is. The more information you have from them you will be able to combat this by explaining what your value is to the customer.

Next Steps

Start using this technique today and see what results you generate. We recommend visiting Howard’s website and signing up to his mailing list, where he shares even more valuable tips that will help you grow your cleaning business.

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