2. Marketing Basics

Introduction to Online Marketing Strategies

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In the “Marketing Basics” module, we’ll be looking at both offline and online marketing strategies. 
Online marketing is all the marketing activity that you action by using the internet. 
For even the most tech-savvy of cleaning business owners, online marketing can be a bit overwhelming at first. But, the reality is that today’s customers are most likely heading straight to Google when they’re in need of your services.

Before we get started, here’s an overview of the tools and strategies we’ll be looking at together. You’ll know your “SEO” from your “CMS” in no time! 

Tools and techniques covered in this course:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is all about getting your business found on Google for free. We know that when do a Google search, it’s rare you ever even click on to the second page of results. SEO is the technique of optimising your website so that it appears on the first page when people search for your service in your local area.

Online advertising

We’ll be learning about advertising on both Google and Social Media. By advertising on Google, you can skip the SEO process and appear on the first page of Google. Social media ads get you in front of customers whether they are searching for your service or not. Both give you the ability to target very specific audiences so that you can win your ideal customers.

Websites and Blogging

Your website is your online shop front, it really is that important. With this in mind, we’ll show you everything you need to make sure that those who end up on your website, end up on the phone to you. We’ll also look at how blogging on your website can help you with your SEO.

Social Media

We’ll be looking at how you can win work for free on social media. We’ll help you create a strategy and automate your posts so that no matter how busy you are, your social media accounts are always working for you.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free business listing service from Google, where you can collect reviews, share your contact details and opening times. It also helps by listing you on Google Maps. We know that Google is where most customers will be trying to find you, so we’ll show you how to make the most of this service.

Online networking

Online forums and Facebook groups are another way that you can win more customers, by joining in discussions, offering advice and sharing your services. These will be important to you as you can tap into local communities online, and gain referral work through them.


You can create videos about your cleaning business as a means to introduce yourself and your services in an engaging way. Customers will be able to get a sense of who you are and the quality of your work.

Email Marketing

Having an email list is one of the basic elements of online marketing. You’ll be building a large email list with every customer you service, giving you an easy and inexpensive way of turning old customers into new sales. 

Let’s get started!

Now you have a good overview of the online tools and techniques that are useful to your cleaning business, it’s time to learn exactly how to implement these and start winning more work! 

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