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How to do Google Ads work for Cleaning Businesses


In this lesson, we’ll explain how Google Ads works for Cleaning Businesses. Google Ads is a complex platform, but when used correctly, will get you in front of your ideal customers and win you your ideal jobs.
Let’s get started!

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that allows you to bid to show adverts for your cleaning business when customers search for specific keywords (like the ones we chose when we worked on your SEO).
Let’s look at an example. You’re after a 12ft trampoline for the garden for the kids to play on. You head to google, and type in “12ft trampoline”. These are the results:
Everything you can see in the screenshot is a Google Ad. That means these companies have bid to show their ad when people type in the keyword “12ft trampoline”. They will only pay if you click on their ad, though.

How does Google Ads work for Cleaning Businesses?

Now, let’s look at how this would work for cleaning businesses. Imagine a customer decides they want to get their carpets cleaned. They take out their phone and Google “carpet cleaner near me”. These are the results:
All the cleaning businesses you see here are bidding on keywords like “carpet cleaner”. Google knows that I am sitting in Brighton right now, and so has shown me cleaning businesses that are based in Brighton.
This is why Google Ads is fantastic for cleaning businesses. We know if someone is actively searching for a service then they are more likely to convert and spend their money. Google Ads allow you to show your ad to people right at this very moment!

And that’s not the only advantage. Here are some more awesome things you can do with Google Ads:

▶︎ Only pay for leads where you want to work. You can choose the specific areas to show your ad,  so you can save travel costs, avoid certain areas and target the most profitable areas for your business.
▶︎ No more ‘hope marketing’. With magazines, the Yellow pages and leaflet advertising you pay upfront then ‘hope’ customers see your phone number and call. With Google ds, you only pay for people who are looking for you.
▶︎ Choose the times and days you want to appear. Don’t want the phone to ring on a Sunday? Or after 7 pm? Not a problem.
▶︎ Turn off your ads and stop paying when the diary is full or you’re on holiday.
▶︎ Boost your ad spend when you want to increase the phone calls coming to your business.

Digitool’s Google Ads Management Service

At Digitool, we offer a Google Ads management service. We will create and run ads that get your phone ringing. Watch the video below to learn more about how we can help make your business more profitable:

Click here to book in a no-obligation call with Digitool to find out how we can win you more work.


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