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How to Use Facebook Groups for Marketing Your Business


Facebook faced backlash from users recently who argued the platform became too business-orientated. Because of this, Facebook has changed it’s algorithms to make sure users see posts from users who create connections and add value to the platform, rather than those who just promote themselves.
What does this mean for you as a business owner? Well, it means you are going to find it hard to reach new customers with just your business page. 
Facebook Groups are the way forward. They are groups of users who have selected to become members because of a shared characteristic, such as a common interest or living in a local area. 
In the lesson, we’ll look at how you can use Facebook Groups to find the right groups for your business, how to gain recommendations from other members in the group and ultimately, how to win more work.

Advertise Your Business Through Facebook Groups

Do you ever advertise your cleaning business on Facebook? How about those Local Facebook Groups? The ones that are set up to be ‘Local Buy and Sell Groups’ or ‘Neighbourhood bulletins’. These Facebook Groups are fantastic for business because they are filled with thousands of people that live in your local area, i.e. your target market.

How To Find Your Local Facebook Groups

The best way to find your local Facebook Groups is to login to your Facebook homepage, on the left hand side click the button that says ‘Buy and Sell Groups’. Here you will see all the groups that are close to you. Join all the ones that have members you’d like to advertise to.

How To Attract the Right Kind of Customers in a Local Facebook Group

You will find that people post on these groups asking for ‘a good cleaner’. These people are not just asking for cleaner. They are asking for a cleaner that other local people recommend. They could easily find a cleaner on Google in seconds. Instead, they have chosen to post it on this Local Facebook Group. This is because a cleaning company who have good recommendations plays a large factor in who they will choose.

A cleaning company who have good recommendations plays a large factor in who they will choose.

So, how do you be the cleaner with good recommendations?
Simple. Get other people to comment on the post recommending your business.
There is nothing better than this scenario:
A local person posts: Does anyone know a good cleaner? Then, 10 + comments appear all saying your business name.
Not only will the person be sure to pick you, but everyone else that sees that post will now know you are highly recommended.

How Do You Get People To Recommend You in Local Facebook Groups?

In this Youtube Video I go into more depth on how to get recommendations, but here is a quick breakdown:

  1. Make sure you are active on your Facebook Business Page. Are you posting regularly, commenting on other local business’ pages, getting your customers to leave reviews? This all helps build your engagement on Faecbook. And, means you’re constantly popping up on people’s News Feeds. That means you’ll be at the front of people’s mind when they are asked ‘Do you know a good cleaner?’ and so, they’re much more likely to recommend you.
  2. Recommend other tradesmen. This will encourage them to recommend you too – that’s just good networking.
  3. Write engaging posts on the Facebook Group. If you are going to post on the Local Facebook groups, don’t just spam the group saying ‘we offer these services at these prices’. It’s bland and difficult for people to comment and engage with. For a great memorable post, watch our video where I explain what post got us tonnes of comments.

Watch the video here. 

What Do You Do Once You Have Been Recommended in a Local Facebook Group?

On this post we introduced ourselves. As a result, another person showed an interest in our cleaning service. We ended up booking them both in for cleaning, which was a £1,200 sale!
  1. Thank the person that has recommended you.
  2. Introduce yourself. Tell them your name and what other services you offer. The reason being is you don’t know who else is reading this post and may also need your services.
  3. Link people to your reviews page on your site. This reinforces that you are a local, trusted company.
  4. Try to comment on the thread with some form of media, this makes your comment stand out. For example; a before/after image, a video of your cleaning, a video of a testimonial, a link to something on your site.
  5. Make sure your Facebook Business Page is looking great, when people start to recommend you people will visit your page. BONUS: Have some up to date reviews on there.

There you go! Now you know how to get other people to recommend you on Local Facebook Groups. Now go ahead and start being active in your own groups.
If you know other business owners that would benefit from this video, please share it with them. Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3W8Kmgxkrc

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