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Digitool is a Google Partner

Digitool is very happy to announce that we are now a certified Google Partner. That means we can put this shiny badge on our website for everyone to see:

We feel like boy scouts getting this giddy over a badge!

How Do You Become a Google Partner?

To become a Google Certified Partner your company needs to:

  1. Become Google AdWords certified by passing The Google AdWords exams
  2. Spend and manage over £10,000 within Google AdWords in a 90 day period
  3. Implement Google’s recommended best practices in Google AdWords

What Does That Mean For You and Your Cleaning Business?

Behind the scenes, at Digitool we invest a lot of time into researching ‘what are the best marketing tips to help your cleaning business be more profitable’. We want to ensure we are the top of the game when it comes to marketing cleaning companies.
Getting the Google Partner Badge just means that Google has acknowledged that we know our stuff when it comes to Google. Particularly Google AdWords. We know the theory, by sitting exams. And, we know how Google works hands on, by following Google’s best practices.

We invest a lot of time into researching ‘what are the best marketing tips to help your cleaning business be more profitable’.

If you tune into our YouTube videos: You’re getting tips from a team who do their research, sit their exams and put their own advice into practice.

If we manage your Google Adwords Account: Your Google Adwords account is in the hands of recognised professionals. We really understand the intricacies of Pay Per Click advertising. Any cleaning business could set up a Google Adwords account and zoom to the top of Google, we know that. But it will be costly, they’ll spend money unnecessarily and they won’t get a good ROI, if they get a return at all… We make sure your budget is spent wisely, we ensure you are not spending money you don’t have to and we are always looking at ways we can save you money…. whilst getting you to the top of Google too.

Do Want Help With Your Google Adwords?

How is your Google Adwords account looking? Let us know. If you own a cleaning business and have set up your own AdWords campaigns, we can take a look at them and offer some advice for free. Yes, no catch involved we just want to make sure your account is leaking your hard earned cash.

Want us to take a look at your Google Adwords account? Get in touch.

Now, time to pop the Prosecco after sitting all those Google exams!

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