1. Getting started

Course Introduction: Ultimate Guide to Growing a Cleaning Business

ultimate guide to growing your business - photo of growing stacks of coins

We have put together a full course on the best practices to grow a cleaning business. Each module is packed with strategies for success and real-life examples from profitable cleaning business owners. What’s more, this course is absolutely free!
In the ‘Getting Started‘ module, we’ll be going right back to basics. It’s important to get the basics perfect; you can not build a business on weak foundations.
Here’s what we’ll be covering in this module:

Starting A Cleaning Business – Creating or Renewing the Essentials

Whether you’re about to start or have been going years, these lessons are going to help you refine and clarify your vision for your cleaning business. We’ll be covering:

  • Researching your market and your competitors;
  • Choosing your niche; be it commercial, domestic or even a new service; and,
  • Writing a business plan.

Gaining Momentum

Once this is in place, we’ll show you how to start gaining momentum. We’ll be learning about:

  • Getting your first Google, Facebook and Yelp reviews; and,
  • The essential photos you need to start promoting your business.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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