7 Photos You Need To Take For Your Business

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A picture is worth a thousand words, and taking convincing photos for your business couldn’t be easier: All you need is your smartphone. So what photos are essential for you to take for your business?

1. A picture of yourself

A picture of yourself near the contact form on your website makes people more likely to fill in the form as they see who their request goes to. Your photo should neither be too serious nor too informal: Make sure you appear approachable, yet professional and reliable.

The same goes for your staff! If you have staff, take a photo of all the employees as well so that customers know who’s going to carry out the job.

2. A picture of your shop

… because showing off your workplace from the in- or outside makes your company appear more inviting and emphasises your professionalism. Lighting and weather can additionally influence the appearance of your business on a photo, so if you don’t want to edit the colours afterwards, just make sure that it’s not too rainy or cloudy while taking the photo.

3. A local picture

Many people look for a locally based company to take care of their problem. Showing them that you and your company belong to your local area by, for instance, taking a photo of a member of staff or your company’s van in front of a well-known attraction of your city can bring you advantage over your competitors.

4. A Before and After Picture

A great way to convince potential customers of your work are before and after pictures. The customers can directly see the effect of your work, and the difference between what e.g. a customer’s dirty floor looked like and what it looks like now is made more obvious. Visitors of your website would immediately want the same difference for their own floor. In addition to that, you appear more credible because you let people have an insight into your work.

5. A picture at work

Speaking of credibility, it’s always a good idea to include a photo of you or your staff “in action”. That might be you with your equipment, or a member of staff getting off the van – whatever shows a part of your working routine is fine. Showing customers an insight into your daily routine highlights that this is your area of expertise.

6. A picture of a baby or a pet

This is effective in two different ways: First of all, if someone was looking for carpet cleaning because they have children, seeing a photo of a child on your website will make them feel directly addressed to. Secondly, most people have children or pets and have a basic desire to protect them, so seeing a cute baby or a pet on your website has a psychological effect on people’s minds; subconsciously, they start to connect their most important needs to your services, e.g. cleaning with improving the health of their loved ones or the reparation of their roof with shelter for their family, so the service of your company becomes “necessary” to protect their family.

7. A picture of your field of work

You own a cleaning business focussing on floors, carpets, upholstery? Or are an electrician concentrating on commercial lighting? Make it easy for people to find out what you can offer them by adding pictures of your fields of work. That way, you underline your description and customers will know immediately how you can help them.


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