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10 Must Have Website Features For Your Cleaning Business


At Digitool, we’ve seen thousands of cleaning business websites and helped hundreds of cleaning businesses owners turn them into a source of income. 
Your cleaning website should be a lead generation tool for your business. Does your current website bring floods of calls and new customers to your business each day? 
If not, this lesson is for you. We’ve tried and tested a tonne of different features, content and layouts for cleaning businesses like yours. From this, we’ve settled on 10 features that your cleaning website must have to get you more work.


1. Make it mobile-friendly. 

People are not patient, if a potential customer goes onto your website using their mobile or tablet and can’t navigate around it, they’ll just hop straight off and go onto a competitor’s site. 
Google also penalises non-mobile friendly sites, so if your site is not compatible with mobiles, you have got less chance of ranking well on Google.

2. Add a Click-to-Call button.

A click to call button is a button that makes it super easy for your customers to call your business. The button should appear on mobiles and be easily accessible. When a customer clicks on this button it will ring straight through to your office.
A lot of websites display their phone number but have it simply written out as a text. The problem with displaying the phone number in text form is that if a customer is searching for you on a mobile, they would have to memorise your number so they could type into their phone. Or, worse yet, they would have to scribble it down on a piece of paper to enter the number and call you. Don’t make people go to these efforts, it should be as easy as possible for them to call you.

3. Include a contact form. 

Generally, customers will contact you by phone, but they are occasions where someone wouldn’t call you (if the person is at work for example). Make sure there is an alternative way to get in touch. The best way to do this is to add a contact form onto your website.
*Bonus tip*
Customers are looking for an immediate answer, chances are they are calling a few cleaners for quotes. To make sure you win the work, reply to your contact form messages ASAP.

4. Show your reviews on your homepage. 

Reviews are a brilliant marketing tool. Your customers can do such a better job of selling your services, they can say things about your business that you could never get away with saying convincingly. For example, if Mr Smith said “This cleaning business is more expensive than the other quotes I was given, but I’m glad I chose them they were worth every penny”, it sounds so much better than you saying “We’re expensive but I promise we are worth the cost”. Make sure your leverage your reviews by posting them onto your homepage for every new customer to see.
Also, make sure your reviews are up to date. A recent study by Bright Local found that 73% of consumers think that reviews older than 3 months are no longer relevant. So make sure your cleaning reviews are updated regularly.

5. Give the option for visitors to write their own review.  

Do you have a way for customers to leave reviews on your website? If a new customer goes on your website and sees you have a lot of fantastic reviews, then notices that anyone can leave a review, this will reinforce this idea that you are a trusted company. 
Secondly, having an option for people to write their own reviews is good because customers are updating your website for you. We know that Google likes it when you update your website frequently, but it’s a time-consuming task trying to come up with new content regularly. This way, customers are updating your site for you, keeping Google happy and saving you some work. 

6. Include a picture of yourself.

Have a picture of you on your website. It’s just another element to build trust between you and your client. If they have seen a picture of you before, they have the impression that they know you.

7. Prove that you are local. 

Have a map or something which can indicate that you are a local company. They are a lot of national cleaning companies out there but not everyone wants to use them. Your USP is that you are local, make sure you emphasise that. 

8. Show your sitemap.

A sitemap is like a table of contents for your website and it’s so important because Google’s little robots crawl your website and decide where they should rank on Google, if they see that you have a sitemap, the Google bots can read this easier and as a result, are more likely to rank your website higher on Google. So a sitemap is to tell them, what your website is about and when they know, they can start ranking you for the appropriate search terms.
After you have created a sitemap, you need to submit it to Google Search Console, this tells Google that you want your website to be crawled by the little Google bots, and want to start ranking better on Google.
*Bonus tip*
If you have a WordPress website, you can download the plugin called ‘Yoast’. This plugin can create a sitemap easily for you, taking away all the hard work.

9. Use different types of media. 

Don’t just have text on your website. People process information in different ways, some people prefer watching videos, whilst others prefer looking at pictures or reading text.
Make sure you have a different option, to capture everyone’s attention.

10. The all-important Call to Action. 

People respond to “call to actions”. If you tell a customer exactly what you want them to do they are much more likely to do it. Encourage them to take action by writing “Call us today on…” in several places on your site. 

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