Catherine Park, Automation and Content Marketer at Digitool

Favourite Quote: ‘What’s the point of having a plan if it’s not ambitious?’ – Lady Martha Lane Fox

Despite only recently graduating from University, Catherine has already had experience in both marketing and project management in multiple industries. She spent over a year at SAP focusing on: software development and enablement; event management; launching new initiatives; and internal and external market research. She was also the communications lead for an internal group which saw her communications strategy reaching thousands of employees.

Catherine has been fortunate to have had experience both in the cleaning and building industry as she grew up around both her parents who had businesses themselves or had worked within those industries, and she often gave a helping hand (whether that was truly helpful or not)!

But even within her career she has completed social media analysis work for hardware manufacturers, Joseph Giles, and even started a social enterprise helping small businesses understand how to market themselves on social media! After spending a year part time with Digitool, Catherine is excited to join the Digitool team full time and is extremely excited to be part of your automation journey!


  •  Food (both eating and cooking)
  • Social Enterprise
  • Cinema


  • Shop bought passata sauces
  • Geography
  • Coriander (yes I think it tastes like soap)

Ideal dinner party guests: Alice Walker, Michelle Obama and Sheryl Sandberg.

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