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Effective Marketing Strategies for Cleaning Services

Get The Best Marketing Strategies for your Cleaning Business. Use The Internet to Win More Work.

Want the phone to ring more? Want the diary booked up? But don’t have the time or patience for online marketing?

Our profit boosting marketing strategies can help you win more work today.

Find out why you should choose Digitool and the services we offer below.

  1. Industry knowledge. Hi, I’m Daisy! I started helping my family with marketing their cleaning business at the age of 4 by sticking stamps on envelopes to send to our customers… A lot has changed since then, now I run Digitool and help my family and many others grow successful cleaning businesses.
  2. Proven success. Our marketing strategies are already getting the phones ringing for cleaning businesses just like yours. We’ve spent years testing and perfecting strategies for other cleaning businesses and our profit boosting tactics are ready to implement into your business today.
  3. Highly recommended by cleaning business owners. We get fantastic, profit boosting results for our clients but don’t just take our word for it, read our 5/5* reviews.
  4. Friendly support. We get that marketing can sound confusing, so whenever you call us, we will answer all of your questions in plain English (no mind boggling techy terms)!
  5. Transparent pricing. We charge an affordable fixed monthly fee, no hidden costs or sneaky small print.

Build me a new website

Want a website that attracts your dream customers and makes them excited to pick up the phone and spend money with you?

Sort out my AdWords

Google AdWords gets your phone number on the top spot of Google when customers near you are looking for your services.

Get me seen on Facebook

We create Facebook ads that gets your services in front of your dream customers for pennies!

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