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Rug Cleaning Experts saw 73% of their customers opening their emails, which led to more requests for their services.

The Aim

The Rug Cleaning Experts are a family-run rug cleaning company based in Manchester. Previously they have been reliant on office paperwork and remembering to continue communicating with customers after they have submitted their enquiries. Peter knew if he wanted to get more business and scale up Rug Cleaning Experts, then he needed to make a change to save him and his employees time on administrative work and focus more on getting new customers. 

Rug Cleaning Experts came to Digitool to ask what we could do for them, we recommended an email automation system that synchronises all information between their various applications as well as automatically managing communications with their clients.

The Solution

Digitool set up a meeting with the Rug Cleaning Experts team and worked with them to understand their current customer journey and the systems they currently use to manage both their customers and their team. With this information and our extensive industry knowledge, Digitool created an initial email automation process which saw regular communication with both customers who had accepted their quote and customers who had not. We worked with Rug Cleaning Experts to continue perfecting this communication and now they see 73% of their emails being opened by their customers, which has led to further upselling of their other services! 

The journey was, however, not over. Digitool continued to work with Rug Cleaning Experts to automate further aspects of their business, such as transferring information between their Xero, NiceJob and Asana applications, so they are reassured that their information was always synchronised and it was doing the hard work for them. This has saved them many hours per week of administration, which has allowed them to focus more on what they do best!

The Results

In under six months, Rug Cleaning Experts have a system that works for them. They have automated texts, emails, and social media retargeting adverts all working to their advantage, which has helped to convince more potential customers to choose Rug Cleaning Experts. In fact, from those who originally did not accept the quote, with our various communications, we managed to convince 9.37% of them to accept the quote, which is a great success!

Through saving time with their personalised automation process, Rug Cleaning Experts have been able to focus on providing a 5* service to all their customers, which has lead to more 5* reviews and a greater number of potential customers ringing the phone! Rug Cleaning Experts are now able to spend more time on their clients and continue expanding their business, and Digitool will be here to support them every step of the way.

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