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The Aim

Purple Rhino are an exterior cleaning company based in Kent. Previously, Ella from the team was spending hours each week on long, administrative activities, such as copying information between their different applications and ensuring she kept up regular communication with Purple Rhino’s customers. Purple Rhino saw how much time she was spending on this and wanted to do something to reduce this pressure and get her to focus on more important activities within the company. 

Purple Rhino came to Digitool to ask what we could do to reduce Ella’s administrative work, whilst enabling some consistent communication going out to potential customers. We recommended a personalised email automation system that synchronises all information between their various applications as well as automatically manage communications with their clients.

The Solution

After having a conversation with Ella, we understood Purple Rhino’s customer’s journey and where their customers would need appropriate touch points. With this information and our extensive industry knowledge, Digitool created an initial automation process which allowed for information to be communicated between each of their applications without needing to do anything. This was on top of setting up regular automated communication with current customers and those who have not yet accepted their quote. We worked with Purple Rhino to continue perfecting this communication and now their weekly administrative activities have been cut down by eight hours! This gives them more time to focus on their customers and get more vans on the road! 

We also made sure to match their communications with their daily actions, therefore we made sure the system was well integrated with their Xero and NiceJob accounts. This meant their communications were sent out without them needing to do anything outside of their ordinary activities, plus all their information across all platforms was fully synchronised!

The Results

In under 2 months, Purple Rhino had a system that works for them. Their automated emails mean they’re regularly communicating with their customers, and they are in fact engaging with this communication as 64% of them opening the emails that they’re being sent!

Through saving Ella’s time with a personalised automation process, Purple Rhino have been able to focus on providing a 5* service to all their customers, which has led to more 5* reviews and a greater number of potential customers ringing the phone! Ella is now able to spend more of her time on more important tasks that will help Purple Rhino grow, and we’re so excited to help them make this happen!