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How to use Direct Mail to Attract Your Ideal Customers with Josh Latimer


Direct Mail is a form of marketing where you send marketing material (such as leaflets) directly to new or existing customers homes. 
Direct Mail is effective for home service businesses because you are able to target specific customers in specific areas local to you. 
In this lesson, we teamed up with Direct Mail expert Josh Latimer, who shared his 3 steps direct mail strategy that will help your company go from strength to strength by attracting your ideal customers
This lesson is also available as a video! Watch it here. 

Josh Latimer’s Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

Step 1: Hyper-targeting

Don’t just offer your service to everybody. Get specific! Think about who your ideal customer is and then find out where they live. It could be an affluent neighbourhood within a 5-mile radius from your home, for instance. Find those who can afford a premium service, trust you and want high-quality services. Only target your ideal customer. 

Step 2: Personalise

Another important step to include in your Direct Mail strategy is to create personalised messages for your ideal customers. One way to stand out from the crowd could be to include the specific neighbourhood’s name in your printed materials, think: “Special Offer for Northern Quarter Residents”. This will help your material will jump out if found in a pile of generic leaflets, and emphasise you as a local business, too. 

Step 3: Multi-touch

People need to see a message multiple times for it to stick. When working with a small budget it can be tempting to send your message out only one, but this is bad marketing practice and won’t turn out profitably for you. You need to do it over and over at the right times of the year. Send your messages out when you’re about to enter the peak of your revenue curve (your busiest period – the time of the year people are willing to spend on your services).  That way you are much more likely to convert people who receive your mail into paying customers. Don’t spend your money when no one is buying!

Implement these steps today and create a system that helps you easily repeat the steps to consistently win new business through direct mail. great results. Hyper-targeting your customers, sending them personalised messages and reaching the right people multiple times will help you build your business as big as you dream it to be.

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