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2,017+ leads generated since July 2019 for a Family Run Cleaning Company

The Aim
The McMillans are a Glasgow based cleaning and restoration business that have been established since 1994. They had an amazing reputation in their local area as being the go-to company for cleaning, but found themselves quickly losing ground to their competitors online. With new customer numbers dropping and the competition growing they knew they needed to fight back.  
Having no experience in digital marketing or lead generation the McMillans decided that expert help was needed. They had heard horror stories of other companies being ripped off by supposed ‘professional agencies’ and decided they needed to do their research. After speaking with other cleaning business owners they were recommended to check out Digitools services. They got in touch with us and a few days later they had signed-up.   
The Solution
Digitool needed to focus on The Mcmillans three main services: carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and stone floor restoration. Armed with a wealth of lead generation experience and data in these services the Digitool team already knew which keywords, bidding strategies and ads they would use to generate high quality leads in a high volume. 
The team began building out the campaigns. We created ads that were incredibly personalised to each service, these ads were connected to specific service landing pages that had specific design features and wording that we knew would convert an extremely high percentage of people into leads for The McMillans to turn into sales.
The Results
Since July 2019 Digitool has generated 1617 paid leads for The McMillans with an average cost per lead of just £5.73, which is nearly half the industry average! This boost in leads and new customers allowed The McMillans to grow their business by acquiring a new CRM, hiring new staff, buying new vans and adding more equipment to their already impressive arsenal. 
In July 2020 The McMillans decided that their online reputation was not accurately representing the fantastic reputation they had in the real world, so knowing that Digitool could produce results they decided to join our Local SEO service. Since starting with the Local SEO service, Digitool has generated 400+ organic leads and increased The Mcmillans online 5 Star reviews reviews from 43 to 121!

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